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ひとひと -hito hito-








hito hito

I was alone at one night, feeling irritated wondering why we humans are less likelyto say how we are really feelingcomparingto plantsthat are simple and honest.  Thisseries “ HITO HITO” has startedfrom that night.

In my youth, I was not a child being able to talk about my problems with my mother or older sister.So I always settled my troubled feelings in a bath where I can be alone.Watching my tears being mixed up with the hot water, Ifelt like something black that was clogging around my throat got just cleared away.I realize now that the problems,in most cases,had to do with relations with other people.

I have photographed flowers floated on water in a bathtub as if they were humans.

Those floating flowers would notstop as we want them to.We humansare the same, I think.

When I photograph people, I have usually paidattention to the emotions and behaviors of them.But for this series,I have tried to photograph as to matchmy breathto the subjects’.Thoughthey are silent,there certainly existsan imageof humanwithin the subjects. I felt something swept out of me when our breathsreally got synchronized.It is just like when my tears and the water got mixed up together.

Having ahopeto keepmyself simple and honest likeplants areas well asa feelingto have bird’s-eyed view over humans living on this planet,I am now developing this series pieceby piecewithcooperations of my aquaintancesin Tokyo and people linked by fate.

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