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 FUJIFILM  X-S20: トラベル x 七咲友梨

・写真展 七咲友梨写真展「あの人の町」

 富士フイルムイメージングプラザ大阪 ギャラリー 2023年6月28日(水)~2023年8月28日(月)


・作品集「つまみ画作品集 薄絹が織りなす手仕事 冨岡和代」(撮影・構成を担当)


七咲友梨 (Yuri Nanasaki / 写真家、tea grower)





Yuri Nanasaki

was born in Shimane, currently lives and works in Tokyo. Nanasaki's career began learning realism method of acting as an actress in movies, TV dramas, and stages. After that, she studied photograpgy under Arao Yokogi, she now works as a photographer mainly for magazines, ads and also working on personal works. She faces subjects using the techniques cultivated through her experience in acting with a primary focus on Portrait and Travel photography. Currently, she is working on a series focusing on people in Kakinokimura-village in Shimane Prefecture. Her cinematographic work “ 場所はいつも旅先だった ”, the Yataro Matsuura, a Japanese celebrated essayist directed movie is scheduled to be released in spring 2020.


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